Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ashoka halwa is a very popular halwa from Tanjore/ Thiruvayaru districts in Tamil Nadu.
It is best when served hot with dripping ghee.It tastes heavenly and also partially guilt free packed with the goodness of moong dhal and wheat.


Yellow split moong dal             1/2 cup
Wheat flour/Atta1/2 cup
Sugar1 cup
Ghee1/2 cup
Cardomom5 or 6 pods
Cashew nuts1 tablespoon
Kesar colora pinch
Saffrona pinch
Milk1 tablespoon

1. Dry roast the moong dhal until a nice aroma comes out
2. Add 1.5 cups of water and pressure cook for 3 whistles

3. Allow to cool and mash the dhal well

4. Soak the saffron in 1 tablespoon of warm milk.
5. Heat 1 tablespoon of ghee in a pan and fry the cashews

6. Keep this aside and in the same pan add 2 more tablespoons of ghee and fry the wheat flour  until it becomes light brown
7. Take 1/4 of water and add the sugar. Bring it to a boil

8. Boil the sugar syrup until 1 string consistency is reached

9. Add the wheat flour and the mashed dhal and mix well without lumps
10. Stir the mixture continously until it thickens

11. Add the saffron and milk and also kesar color and stir well
12. Once the halwa becomes a mass and does not stick to the sides, add the cardomom powder and swtich off the flame

13. Garnish with fried cashews
14 Serve hot