Friday, February 18, 2011

Eggless Princess Birthday Cake

This is my first attempt in decorating a cake. I made this for my daughter's second birthday after watching so many cake decoration videos in youtube. I know that the finishing is not perfect but my daughter loved it a lot.What more can be exciting for her than seeing her barbie dressed up in an edible gown similar to hers...

Things Required

8" Pineapple cake - 2 nos (click for Recipe)
8" Chocolate cake - 1 no (click for Recipe)

The recipe in my older post are for 9" pans. I just increased the baking time to 7 - 9 minutes for the9" pan.

6" Chocolate cake - 1
6" Chocolate cake baked in a muffin pan: 1
Strawberry frosting - 3
Mini stars
Barbie doll - 1
Red color icing - 1
Cake decoration tips
9" plate - 1

1. Bake all the required cakes and allow them to cool
2. Freeze it for 45 minutes so that it will be easy to cut
3. Cut the domes in all the cakes and also cut a 1 inch circle in the center (This is required to insert the doll)

4. Place a pinapple cake in the dinner plate as a base.Tuck in some wax paper or aluminium foil so that it can be removed later(This is to prevent the mess of the frosting)

5. Apply a thick coating of frosting and place another cake on top of it

6.Apply frsting and place another 8" chocolate cake

7: Apply forsting and place 6" chocolate cake
8.Apply frosting and place the cake baked in muffin pan so that it gets the shape of the skirt

9. Crumb coat the cakes (i.e apply a thin layer of frosting all over)

10. Leave it in the freezer for another 45 min
11. Apply a thick layer of frosting all over the cake
12. Using a knife make some swirls
13. Wrap the doll using a plastic wrap and  insert the barbie in the center and apply some frosting with star tip for the bodice

14. Using star tip decorate the bottom of the skirt
After cutting the cake


  1. Nice Cake - meant for me I think ;) Thanks for your comments - be sure to check my blog for these events

  2. wow this is very creative!!!!


  3. very impressive, would love to follow you.

  4. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r great.... i love baking....but can never do these decorations!!! going to be ur happy follower....

  5. Wow! Awesome. Being a bad baker this is really the icing on the top. Love it. Wish I could make something like this.

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    Loved ur princess cake !!! perfectly baked !!

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  8. This cake is so perfect. you have so much of patience. Great blog.

    Drop by when time permits.

  9. That's so creative!!! And for a first attempt, you have done exceptionally well :)

  10. Cake looks perfect and gorgeous.........i am happy to learn new recipes and follow for your wonderful blog.......

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