Friday, February 18, 2011

Gagra Choli

Gagra Choli for a 1.5 year old girl

Materials used

Green sik material - 50 cm (Pothys)
Printed cotton cloth (maroon) - 1.5 m (Pothys)
Green cotton lining material for tops - 50 cm (Pothys)
Golden color sequins -  packet
Golden color small beads - 1 packet
Golden color small tubes - 1 packet
White/Silver kundan stones medium size - 2 packets
Silver color small beads - 2 packet
Red kundan stones - 1packet
Golen color border - 3 metres
Elastic thin for smocking - 2 m
Elastic thick for skirt - 1m

All the beads were purchased at Raja Stores at TNagar Ranganathan st

Front View

Back View (Smocked tops)


  1. wow! this is so cute! Did you stitch the top and the skirt yourself? Love it!

  2. நீங்கள் தைத்ததா?? ரொம்ப அழகா இருக்கு...எப்படி தைத்தீர்கள் என்று சொல்லுங்களேன்..

  3. great work!!!
    thks for sharing the sources!