Monday, October 24, 2011

Mysore Pak

There is no Diwali in South India without this delicious sweet. This is quite easy to prepare with just 3 ingredients and at the same time it can be a bit challenging too for the beginners.
Once mastered, this is just a breeze and can be prepared within 30 minutes.

Besan flour : 1 cup
Sugar: 2 cups
Ghee: 2 cups
Water: 1/2 cup

Sift the besan.
Also have a greased pan ready

Heat 1 tablespoon of ghee in a wide pan and add sifted besan to it.
Roast it in a medium flame until the raw smell goes off
Keep this aside

In a wide pan/sauce pan, mix 1/2 water and 2 cups of sugar.
Heat this mixture to one string consistency
Test for one string
Once the mixture starts boiling have a cup of water by the side. Pour a drop of syrup in the water.If the syrup does not mix with water and forms at the bottom, it is the correct consistency
Alternatively, if the syrup hangs like a single thread in a spatula, it is one string consistency

Immediately add the sifted besan to the sugar syrup little by little and mix well.

Heat ghee by the side


Pour a laddle of hot ghee in the besan mixture.Once the ghee is added, the mixture will froth for a while.(It will be similar to the reaction when  we add vinegar to baking soda).This is quite normal and this is the indication that besan is getting cooked in hot ghee.

Once the froth subsides, add another laddle of ghee. Add ghee for every 30 seconds

By the time the whole ghee is added, the besan mixture would have cooked.In a couple of minutes, the mixture would form like a ball and will start becoming porous.In Tamil it is called as 'Poothu varuvathu'.

Quickly transfer it to a greased pan.
The mysore pak is still getting cooked after pouring into the pan

Cut into desired shapes after 10 minutes


  • Two important things to be noted in making Mysorepak is the right sugar syrup consistency and correct consistency at which the stove is switched off
  • The sugar syrup consistency will change very quickly and we need to add besan before that.
  • If proper consistency is not attained, then the mysore pak will not set and may resemble halwa
  • If the besan is added at the next stage of one string consistency, then the mysore pak will be little crumbly
  • This sweet should always prepared in low-medium flame
  • This requires constant stirring. No multi tasking
  • A perfectly done mysore pak will typically have three different layers, the middle layer being brown and the sides being yellowish brown


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