Tuesday, October 2, 2012


One of the readers had enquired today on decorations of kalasam that I posted for Varalakshmi nonbu.
I am not sure if it is appropriate to take the step by step pictures of Kalasam decorations.So I have tried to illustrate through my drawings (pls bear with it) to my level best.

First place the wooden plank 
On top of it place the banana leaf and fill with rice or other stuffs as per the family custom
Place a thick and sturdy box on top if (This is just to raise the height)
Place the Kalasam and fill with the auspicious things as per the customs
Now place the coconut on top of it as shown in step 1
Also tie a pencil (or any wooden stick) joining the neck of the kalasam and coconut.This is to support the garland. I used a tick twine to tie the pencil around the neck

Now take a silk pavadai (I used a pavadai meant for toddlers). Fold into two and just gather the pleats
Tie it around the base of the kalasam and secure with a safety pin
Also tie a thick thread around it so that it stays tight

For the blouse part take another piece of cloth (I used a maroon blouse piece with border in it) and fold it such that it has around 4" of breadth.
Wrap it around the kalasam and secure with a safety pin

Fix the amman face in the coconut and adorn with jewels.
Also place the garland which will be supported the pencil on both sides.
The garland that I have used is made out of satin ribbon

Tieing the saree

Fold the cloth and gather the pleats

Tie it around the Kalasam. Wrap another cloth around the coconut


  1. very useful post.. Nicely done

  2. Very Useful post.. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  3. Thank you
    so much for the explanation

    i appreciate
    u took time and expalined it
    hope i will be able to do same as urs next year
    itis very beautiful and perfect for pooja
    thanks bye

  4. Hi once again I want some suggestion. Could u pls let show how u made pleats of the saree and how did u tied to kalasam it's little difficult to hold it

  5. hi
    ihave one more small request can u please show how did u put plated and tied saree to kalasam its little bit complicated

  6. mam can u pls show how did u put plates to kalasam and how u tied it

    1. Hi Madhu Kishore,

      I will try to update the post with some more illustrations tomorrow

  7. Hi. Thanks. For it explanation. But when I am trying to do its not. Coming. May be next year when u do. It take step by step process and update I will be waiting. And where did u buy garland and Pravda. And how does ur kalasam look like and how u attached face to coconut.

  8. wow..very clear and neat explanation on how to tie saree for amman...good job...

  9. Hi thanks for it explanation but its little complicated may be next time when u do pooja u take step by step pictures and upload for me it's not coming and did u tied the plates to neck or bottom of kalasam.

  10. Hello
    This year will u again post ur varalakshmi decoration photo
    If so can u pls upload step by step photos

  11. Hello
    This year will u again post ur varalakshmi decoration photo
    If so can u pls upload step by step photos

  12. Very very usefull post
    Thank you for sharing and making the pooja happen at each home

  13. Very useful post for younger generation who do pooja for first time