Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Kalkandu Rice

I was not a big fan of Kalkandu rice until I tasted this at Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple during a festival.
I never used to have this rice when my mom prepares at home. I prefer only chakkarai pongal.
My mom once got the perfect recipe from a Gurukal in a nearby temple in our hometown. Definetly this recipe will not taste equivalent to Kovil Prasadham.More than the regular ingredients, the Prasadham usually consists of the unique flavours which is very difficult to recreate at home.But I can assure you that this recipe tastes divine.
Kalkandu Rice is different from Kalkandu Pongal.In Pongal moong dhal is also used and very little or no milk is used. In Kalkandu sadham, the rice is completely cooked in milk and drenched with pure ghee.


Basmati Rice/Raw Rice1/2 cup
Ghee1/4 cup
Milk2 cups
Kalkandu (Sugar Candy)3/4 cup
Saffrona pinch
Broken Cashewnuts                       1 tablespoon
Cardomom powdera pinch
Nutmeg powdera pinch

1) Slightly fry the rice until it gets warm
Kalkandu Rice

2) Wash the rice thoroughly and cook in pressure cooker with milk and saffron for 3 whistles
3) Heat 1/4 water and add the kalkandu. Boil until it dissolves. The syrup will become sticky by the time it melts.No need to check for any consistency
Kalkandu Rice

4) Add the cooked rice and ghee little by little
Kalkandu Rice

5) Add cardomom and nutmeg powder
Kalkandu Rice

6) Fry cashews and raisins in 1 tsp of ghee and add to the rice
Kalkandu Rice

Do not reduce the ghee.
Though it is traditionally prepared with raw rice, basmati rice gives a rich flavor
Do not attempt this recipe with granulated sugar.It tastes best only with Sugar candy (Kalkandu)
Chop the raisins slightly before frying in ghee. This will avoid the raisins puffing up while frying

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  1. Have heard of this, but never get a chance to taste it! Looks delicious n beautiful! [delicious = kalkandu pongal, beautiful = the saree! :)]

  2. My mil makes and I love it. Looks so tempting

  3. I also hv it in my draft..rice looks so yummy

  4. Kalkandu sadam is tempting a lot.Yummy one.

  5. We prepare rice using the same ingredients and call that as kalkandu pongal. Looks super delicious.

    1. Yes Uma. There is only a subtle difference between Kalkandu rice and Pongal. We prepare pongal with moong dhal & rice and also use very less or no milk.

  6. delicious and mouth watering kalkandu sadam.

  7. Looks divine,love your presentation.

  8. I tried this and came out perfect. Thanks

  9. very useful really good information thanks for posting such a good information it will hepls the people a lot keep it up , Regards,
    chakkara pongal recipe

  10. Replies
    1. Hi Priya,

      Ghee is the main ingredient that enhances the flavor and taste.So do not skip that.