Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Announcing Cooking with seeds event: Corn

I am glad to announce that  I am guest hosting a very popular event  – cooking with seeds a  wonderful event started by  Priya of Priya’s easy n tasty recipes.Thanks to Priya for providing me this wonderful opportunity
For this month , corn has been selected as the ingredient.Corn is a more versatile grain which can be relished in several forms ranging from Grilled corn sold at Merina beach or American sweet corn flavored with Indian masala sold at malls or as pop corn at Theatres!!!!.Nowadays corn is used as a major components in cereals, snack food and soft drinks as well.
Coming to the health benefits, this golden yellow grain is rich in fiber content as well as contains lot of vitamins and minerals. Though it contains carbohydrates, this grain has high levels of antioxidants that substantially increases when cooked.

Guidelines for the event:
  1. Cook and blog about a vegetarian dish which contains corn as main ingredient.
  2. Please add this announcement link, and link to Priya’s announcement page -  to your post.
  3. Corn flour/corn starch/corn meal  can also be used but it should be the star ingredient of the recipe
  4. Adding the logo to your post will help spread the word.
  5. Send in as many entries as you can
  6. Archived entries are accepted , if they are reposted with this page links
  7.  Non bloggers are also welcome to participate.
  8.  Please send in your entries by 29th Feb
  9.  Drop a mail to – nalakr @gmail.com with these details
  • Your name and name of your blog
  • Recipe and URL
  • Picture of your dish


  1. Nice event dear..will send my entry soon!
    Wish you happy hosting :)


  2. Great theme and quite common in our household! Happy hosting dear..

  3. Very lovely event. I send my entry soon. Happy hosting dear...

  4. Happy Hosting! Will definitely send in my entries.

  5. Thanks Shylaja for hosting..Will send my entries soon..

  6. Nice event...will try to send something..

  7. nice event


  8. Would love to take part in this!! :)

  9. Shylaja, I already have your event on my event list. I update some of the popular events every month from the host lineup page. I got yours from Priya's cws host lineup page.

  10. Hi Shylaja..
    Very happy to be a part in the event hosted by you.Will mail u my entry.